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Mental and Health Care Motivational Interviewing and Trauma Treatment Training

We offer fun, thought provoking, and transformational competency-based clinical trainings designed to make health professionals powerful agents of change.

Motivational Interviewing in Health Care and Social Services

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Clinical In-Service Training

Motivational Interviewing (MI) is a person-centered, evidenced-based approach for addressing a wide range of health behaviors. Its emphasis on acceptance, empathy, compassion, and autonomy support can eliminate frustration, burnout, and discord associated with well-intentioned efforts to influence clients’ behaviors. We demonstrate how to eliminate “resistance” and transcend power struggles. This competency-based training removes common, daily stressors and makes service providers more effective and powerful change agents.

Trauma Resolution Training for Mental Health Professionals:
How to talk about what happened

Online Training: Free Training. CEU’s coming soon.

Clinical In-Service Training

We believe this cutting edge approach to directly addressing traumatic memories is revolutionary and saves lives. The now popular trauma-informed movement recognizes the impact of past adverse events on physical and behavioral health. It does little, however, to inform how specifically to talk about trauma. Most current evidence-based therapies do not directly address or focus on traumatic memories at all, but rather target behavior change, for which the person is ultimately responsible. Other therapies do directly address trauma, but do so by causing continued and prolonged distress.

Most mind-body approaches keep people emotionally grounded but still involve repeated “reprocessing” of the memories often for weeks or months. Furthermore, none of these approaches, to our knowledge, directly inform how to respond to disclosures of trauma in whatever context in which the mental health professional works. That is, they do not tell professionals simply how to talk about trauma beyond referring to trauma treatment.

This introductory training teaches mental health professionals how to talk about traumatic memories safely and not make symptoms worse. We give mental health professionals a framework for understanding and talking about traumatic or emotional memories that allows for the problem to be resolved.

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