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Veteran Suicide

The veteran suicide epidemic is a national tragedy and disgrace. Most people now know that 22 U.S. veterans commit suicide daily. Also, 80% of non-fatal events (e.g., suicide attempts and overdoses) occur within four weeks of discharge from the Veterans Hospital Administration. Nobody wants to repeatedly relive or re-experience a traumatic event for eight or more weeks. Several mind-body are recognized by SAMHSA as “evidence-based”, yet continue to be largely ignored by the Veterans Administration (VA).

The VA primarily utilizes trauma-focused cognitive behavior therapy, cognitive processing therapy and other exposure-based therapies, despite how few veterans with trauma ever elect to undergo these treatments. Social and political action is needed to promote research and dissemination of effective, non-retraumatizing, mind-body trauma treatment.

Sexual Abuse and Sexual Assault

Despite increasing recognition of how common sexual violence is, survivors often face stigma. Well intended mental health and other professions can create or reinforce negative subjective meanings and make symptoms worse.

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