Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) utilizes experiential, mind-body processes

for clearing emotional memories and freeing up energy

Treatment Targets – Increase expressiveness, responsiveness, and mindfulness. Clear traumatic or emotional memories and reduce intrusive thoughts, negative feelings, and somatic effects of stress:

  • Anxiety, panic attacks
  • Anger, depression
  • Chronic pain
  • Suicidal thoughts, guilt, shame, self-consciousnes, social inhibition

Length – Treatment is completed in one to three, 90-180 minute sessions.

Experiential – Interoception, proprioception, visualization and other processes are used to promote mindfulness and a relaxed-body state.

Safe, generally pleasant, and even fun – Person remains conscious, alert, and emotionally grounded or “present” at all times. Traumatic or otherwise negative emotional memories are reviewed and re-processed but never “relived” or re-experienced. We actively avoid iatrogenic or potentially harmful practices including those involving coercion.

Voluntary and confidential – We do not provide involuntary services of any kind. We also do not release information, including assessments or reports, to any third party without court order. Insurance not accepted.

Sliding scale – for those who qualify. Discounts for veterans and
public and health service professionals.

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